premise & rules
webbly is your standard sol community based on a fictional, reddit-meets-livejournal type social media and blogging website that is accessible to users worldwide. yes, you read that right, worldwide, meaning your character can be based anywhere on planet earth. "but what makes you any different than the thousands of others to try before you?" in truth, not a whole lot. however we do have some fun ideas to implement, a healthy level of creativity and commitment to helping this place take off and oh, did we forget to mention? we're app free.

while apps may be a go-to for others, here at webbly we strictly enforce the disuse of off-site apps, including but not limited to: wire, discord, telegram and so on because journal and friends page based interactions are our goal. we want no man, woman or nb left behind in this community and to ensure that, we're not allowing for any divide right up front.

of course all your standard rules apply, things that by now should be elementary, i.e. keeping ic and ooc separate, discussing any major drama you'd like to introduce beforehand out of character so all parties can consent, zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, bigotry or hatred in general. we'll also stand by the 5 year, older or younger, rule for pbs and add that there will be absolutely no white washing or race bending for pbs, with no exceptions, so don't bother to ask.

how to join
setting up
  • create an ic or ooc journal
  • make and backdate a friends only post and an ooc screened post
  • present us with at least a 100-200 word blurb about your character, an almost fully constructed bio or examples consisting of a narrative, a scene excerpt or a detailed update showcasing your writing skills
  • choose a loction - at this time please only select one location. currently capped cities are listed on the taken list!
  • optional: make a post in pbads to help us spread the word about webbly
  • when creating a character, please make sure that you are keeping their ethnicity the same as your pb - more info regarding this can be found in our faqs.

    note: for the sake of our members privacy, tracking ips at webbly is strictly prohibited unless used exclusively for anonymous commenters. any journals tracking ips of registered users will be asked once to fix their settings and removed if refused.

    before applying
  • verify that your entries are backdated
  • double check to make sure we are able to view your blurb, bio, or examples
  • ensure that your profile and friends list is viewable to us - refrain from using the "noembed" code or having non-members added as these two things can make it more difficult for us to ensure your friends list is up to date

    once you are ready to apply, you may visit this post! keep in mind that we reserve the right to reject any applications we feel won't fit well within the community without providing further info. there are layout and icon resources listed in the application post for you to use if you feel as though you may not blend well with the rest of the community.

    if you are joining with an existing character and/or a group of existing friends, we respectfully ask that you make it a priority to branch out to other members to avoid things becoming cliquey.

  • member activity
    as an alternative to traditional interaction, we'll be implementing a new method of measuring activity by way of subweb! subwebs are much like subreddits wherein you'll find a space to seek honest and unbiased advice, share content you've created, meet likeminded individuals with similar interests, learn about a wide array of topics, vent out your frustrations and find discussions to participate in. we encourage you to post and comment around to make connections with other members - similar to other message board type websites.

    intros must be posted within 72 hours of acceptance into the community and turned in to the drop box. intros are considered one of the following:

  • a new topic post in the subweb community
  • a new post in your own journal - this can be anything from a standard introduction, a social media post, an open discussion, or whatever else you see fit as long as it's interactive with comments enabled

    note: the majority of your comments must be responded to within the 72 hour time frame to avoid removal

    monthly activity
    each month members will be required to make two posts between the first and last of each month. we don't feel like this a big ask as we are focused on journal activity, and these posts may be made in your journal or the subcommunities, but must meet these requirements:

  • one of your posts must be interactive, meaning comments are enabled for other members
  • one of your posts must be creative either showcasing your writing skills or inventive coding

    we are leaving all the creative elements and decisions up to you! this is a journal focused community and we do encourage members to be as active as they wish, meaning you are able to post more than twice a month if you feel so inclined.

    if you are added after the 15th of the month, you are only required to post your intro and one of the posts mentioned above, and you can decide which one it is. if you're added after the 25th of the month, we will only require you to post your intro.

    removal process
    in order to make sure that we keep engagement and interaction high, we will be doing weekly removals to weed out any members that have not posted their intros or run the friends button. if you're curious about what would make you at risk for removal, please make note of the following:

  • members will be required to keep their friends lists updated at least once every two weeks
  • members are expected to post their intro within the required 72 hours after they've been added
  • all activity posts should be turned in to the activity drop off post
  • all other activity posts must be turned in by the last day of the month

    if you are removed and reapply within a week, any previous activity you turned in will still count towards your monthly requirements.

    if you are having a busy week, month, etc. you can always give us a heads up so that we're aware and can be a bit more lenient with your activity. we understand that real life is hectic and not everyone can keep up week after week, so a quick note to the members only post will help keep us in the loop. we do not want your activity here to feel like an obligation - we would prefer our members to want to be active. therefore, if you need any sort of time away, for whatever reason, we ask that you just simply reach out to us and let us know.

    hiatuses and extensions
    again, we get that real life comes first and is not always predictable. if you need time away, we're absolutely willing to work with you to ensure you keep your role here.

  • extensions will be granted for 3 days
  • hiatuses will be granted for up to 2 weeks

    of course, if you need more time due to real life obligations, just let us know and we can make exceptions and accommodations.

  • noteworthy mentions
    once again we are worldwide so please, spread your characters out as evenly as possible and trust there will be ample opportunities for connections from afar and face to face if you'll allow yourself to suspend disbelief and put aside skepticism and hyper realism! we will cap certain cities if we feel as if they are being overrun.

    we are not allowing faux celebs at this time. if this changes, we'll make an announcement in the main community but it's unlikely and we apologize for any inconvenience.

    we'd also like to ask that any events you'd like to host and/or plot be made public to ensure that everyone is included. if you're not comfortable making the plot post, we are more than happy to "host" any event you'd like. we understand that sometimes intimidation and introversion can occur when an event is hosted by members, but we encourage you to participate as often as possible. private events between close friends are fine to keep in your inner circle, using hidden custom posts, but please don't advertise or discuss these publicly and potentially leave people feeling left out.

    though it may seem redundant, we cannot stress enough that this community is journal and friends page geared and absolutely no off-site apps are allowed. proof will be required before we issue any warnings to our members, and a second violation could result in removal.

    finally, please remember that we are not perfect. we are a team of mods who are working to create a fun atmosphere for a wide array of characters. we will mess up, we will make mistakes, but we will always listen and welcome your feedback and constructive criticism. keep this in mind when you approach us with an issue and remain respectful. we understand we shouldered this responsibility when we decided to create this community, and that it is often times a thankless job, but we are not gaining anything from this unless you are enjoying your time here. we are always open to having discussions about things that you feel are unfair, need tweaking, or should be implemented and will always try to right any wrongs. do not hesitate to reach out to us any time you have an issue or concern - we will do our best to serve you!